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In harmony with the past, present and future, Portanova Hosteria Enoteca offers the best of typical tuscan recipes. Hosteria Enoteca Portanova hosts their guests inside the defensive towers and,in summer,directly above the towers. The unique and unforgettable experience of tasting and extraordinary tuscan wine,in this historical context,is absolutely recommended.

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Portanova Hosteria Enoteca

From Monday to Sunday


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Lunch - Dinner
Appetizer - After dinner

The Restaurant

Step back in time

Dedicated to “Donne di Castello” who thraughtime with semplicity anddedication, have preserved and handed daw flavorsand fragrances of this land.

Our chef utilize only fresh and seasonal ingredients, wines from our cellar enrich the culinary experiences of our restaurant.

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Over 150 Labels

Wine is a treasure discovered, selected and stored.
Wines from all over Italy, with a special place for Tuscany.

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